Friday, 4 December 2015


November has been a fun month. Having recently moved to University, i'm still settling into my new city and exploring everything it has to offer. As the pictures above exhibit, much of my discoveries were food based (the best kind).

I visited something completely new to me, the Gin Festival. Upon discovering this in freshers week with my also gin loving flatmate and now gin buddy, we decided to buy a ticket and give this a go. Basically this festival travels around the country offering ticket holders a chance to sample gins at four different themed bars. One for international gins, two for British-based gins and one (which was my favourite) for fruit infused gins. Upon arriving at the venue everybody is given a rather lovely gin glass with which you use to travel around the bars choosing your gin and then topping up with your tonic of choice. Next you purchase gin tokens which you then use to purchase each drink.  During this festival I discovered a new favourite of mine Edinburgh Gin Raspberry Liqueur. I also discovered a new favourite luxury tonic - Fever Tree, who sponsored the event. This tonic is lovely and claims to offer a natural way to enjoy tonic. Good news for all health conscious G & T lovers. This was a really fun experience and a great treat for gin lovers alike! I'm hoping this was my first of many visits.

The rest of my month was filled with discovering a new brunch place as well as altering to life as a University student, meaning I actually have to think up meals and cook for myself - how do we cope? As you can see above my creations haven't been too interesting but tasty nonetheless. I'm all about the quick and easy.This month I also made the discovery of Marks and Spencer's Pitta crisps which are my new treat and I seriously need to refrain from eating the whole bag in one sitting.

Last but definitely not least Christmas is on the way!!!! The Christmas food markets have been set up in the city and walking through them is a very cruel thing to do to myself. Resisting temptation to return for more churros as we speak.


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