Tuesday, 17 June 2014


This outfit, based around a simple white sheer blouse and black leather mini is one i would generally tend to wear to a little more dressy occassion. This is the sort of outfit i would deem perfect for me on a night out or for a meal with the girlies or a similar occasion of some sort. I like it. It's simple and easy yet isn't boring. 
I'm the sort of person who pays attention to comfort and practicality and the cobalt blue pumps from Matalan that i have paired with this outfit very much follow this line of thought. Although i love wearing heels as much as any other girl (especially seeing as i'm pretty short) i also like to wear pumps as a bit of a change when out and i love these for both their practicality but also the fact they are gorgeous and it was literally love at first sight. I'm very much a pumps girl i find a good pump can totally change the whole sort of dynamic of what you're wearing. Pointed pumps are also a new obsession of mine. Very 60's. I like how they add a smartness to what you're wearing. I love the pretty blue with this outfit; it adds interest to the monochrome theme. I also paired it with my trusty gold sequin clutch bag. I've had this for years and it's never failed me. I love sequins and the shoulder chain that fits inside it  makes life easier when you seriously cannot be bothered carrying it as a clutch bag or you're just plain forgetful and clumsy - it helps avoid the fear of losing all your wordly possessions, especially if you're me and bring literally the whole contents of Mary Poppins' bag on a night out or when you inevitably have to take responsibility for all of your friends' stuff.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Cat eye.

Having been infatuated with make up for some time now I kind of treat it like a hobby. The actual act of applying make up and developing skills is probably what I love most about it. When I got to the age where I really began to take a proper interest in make up and my era of matching my beloved blue eyeshadow with bright pink lip gloss had passed I began watching endless make up tutorial videos on YouTube, discovering new aspects of make up and different products.

Eyeliner has always been something I really liked and paid close attention to. I think i first saw it as a tween on Taylor Swift. I am a particular fan of the cat eye flick and it's my go-to eye look when going out. I find that it's very flattering and is something everybody can pull off. Though it takes aaaaaaaages to get the hang of (something I'm still working on after years of trying) it does gets much easier and then you can experiment with exactly how thick you want your line and how to achieve the perfect feline flick for your eye.

There's many different types of liner and for a newbie it can get rather confusing. For an everyday look I usually tend to wear a simple line of gel eyeliner across my top lashes using a slanted liner brush. I don't really tend to do anything more dramatic in the day and so i don't go into a flick. I find because my lashes are quite short and flat a simple line really helps in making them appear a little thicker and fuller. When i want a bit more of a dramatic look and go for a winged-out cat eye effect i always find it easier to use a liquid pen as it's easier to have control and be more precise with your line. A top tip I've recently learnt in my struggle for the perfect flick is to first draw your flick in line with the line of your bottom lashes; almost like you are continuing the line upwards and then go in and draw the line on your top lashes, joining it up with your flick. Drawing your flick this way ensures that it is perfect for your specific eye shape. I'm not very good at explaining so I'll link the video i got this trick off:

The pictures I've posted below is a classic example of my take on the cat eye. Using Soap and Glory's Supercat liquid liner for my winged line with a simple brown kohl pencil along the bottom lash line. In terms of eyeshadow I've gone quite minimal, using 'Faint' from the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette in my crease and 'Smog' from the same companies Naked palette in my outer corner, which i have also taken along the lower lash line to smoke the look out a bit. To top off the eye I have used Benefit's They're Real mascara along the top and lower lashes.

Soap and Glory Supercat liner. My everyday gel liner, Bobbi brown in Espresso Ink along with my Eco Tools eyeliner brush.


So recently i've had a bit of an obsession with turtleneck jumpers, polo neck, roll-neck - whatever terminology you prefer to use.

With the cold weather, this eternally classic item (which according to Wikipedia apparently dates back to the 15th century) has been a huge staple for me at the moment. Ideal for warmth and adding a smart sophistication that goes with pretty much everything; from a classic pair of skinny jeans to a skirt and ankle boots the turtleneck is definitely ideal for winter.

Recently i purchased a few jumpers all in one go. A black; a burgundy; a beige and a woolly knitted edition. It's been a good way to change up my wardrobe and since then i've pretty much been alternating between each one.

The burgundy jumper i bought recently from good ol' ASOS.

As i'm quite petite i've gone for cropped versions as i tend to match with high waisted bottoms whether this be a skirt or jeans as i find it tends to look better with my proportions as a shorty. I also really like turtlenecks for the smart element they bring and i always feel a bit more put together. They really easily dress up a pair of skinnies and ankle boots - add my beloved leather jacket and I'm good to go. As well as casual I've also been wearing them a lot when I go out at night. I'm OBSESSED with a turtleneck matched with a really dressy skirt plus they are majorly comfy and keep you from freezing whilst being stood outside waiting for your taxi that should have arrived half an hour ago.

I'm not really sure what brought on this sudden fad i seem to have attained for turtlenecks, apart from the fact it's a classical item and i tend to gravitate towards timeless fashions with my wardrobe. I have a feeling this is another way in which i am trying to imitate Alexa Chung's style. It's also a trend I've been seeing a lot recently on the likes of Millie Mackintosh, who i find dresses well and is often somebody I look to for inspiration. My music taste has a big impact on my life and being a major fan of Miles Kane probably has something to do with it too. Also, whenever I'm in my black jumper I feel like I belong in the Beatles.

This is definitely a trend that is here to stay probably forever, especially in my wardrobe.

Alexa herself rocking a turtleneck and mini skirt duo.