Saturday, 5 December 2015

Charlotte Tilbury and RHW

Just like every other gal at the moment, i love rose gold. That isn't however the only reason i love these two products. Though the packaging of both of these products does bring heart-emojis to my eyes, they're both fabulous for the reasons i'm about to give.

Upon hearing that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley had released a new fragrance for Marks and Spencer's i went on a hunt to track it down. I knew from first sniff that this would soon be a new favorite. To me it is reminiscent of another favorite of mine - the cult favourite "Chloe" and smells exactly like rose lemonade (which is probably why i love it so much) and makes sense seeing as the packaging notes how it contains "bright lemon essence" and "red rose." As well as smelling like heaven on earth, this perfume is long lasting and at £14 for 30 ml you can't really go wrong in my opinion. For any of those currently searching for a lovely Christmas prezzie for a loved one the fragrance gift set featuring the perfume, a candle and a body lotion is currently £12.50 at Marks and Spencer's - go go go! Additionally there's also another version of this fragrance that has been recently released - the "Nuit Parfum" which takes a similar scent to this, yet has a more of a sensual twist.

The other product i want to discuss is also very exciting! I recently received Charlotte Tilbury's K.I.S.S.I.N.G  lipstick in "So Marilyn" as a gift. It is well known amongst my friends and family that i am a red liptick lover! Having tried a number of red lippies this one has to be the most luxurious one i own to date. This is definitely something i noticed in the product's quality. It's smooth and a lovely pigmented colour. The packaging also claims to include lipstick tree extract. Now if you're anything like me you'd look at this claim with a baffled expression and then go do some research. After undertaking said research i discovered this "lipstick tree" (also known as Bixa orellana) was apparently used originally by humans as a red body paint and lipstick - giving the tree it's name. The extract is said to have been used as medicine for a number of different problems and is also said to soothe skin. That's one thing i admire about Charlotte Tilbury products. The fact that all her products contain ingredients to care for the skin is something that in my opinion is so important and really helps in adding justification to the high price tag. Though the shade may be daunting for some, i find it really versatile. Whether i want a stain or a full on red lip i find this does the trick. I also really like it because i don't find it drying. Other lipsticks such as MAC's famous "Ruby Woo" i find to often be quite drying on my lips but this is not something i found with this one.

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