Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Uni fuel.

Moving out and looking after yourself for the first time is hard, right? Cooking and cleaning for yourself along with juggling 9-5 uni and Netflix binges can seem difficult at times. But now you're thrown out into the big wide world without Mum's cooking to come home to every night. I've always been into my food. I'm not a fussy eater, never have been, never will be. But when it came down to considering what I was going to fuel myself with at Uni I gave it some great thought. It's really important to me to look after my body and get all the nutrients I really need, (or at least try). However, i'm a student and I needed to figure out a way of eating well without breaking the bank. Here's what i've learnt so far:

Sunday, 21 February 2016


Ok so this is kinda late and should have been posted a month ago - whoops! Despite this i'm still going to post it because I'm adamant to do one of these round-ups every month - or at least try!

The end of Christmas saw us students catapulted into revision and new semester madness. January was filled with Uni mayhem, with the exam period stretching throughout most of it.  I love my course though and Uni work never seems that much of a chore. At least that's what I told myself amidst the last minute revision crams. It was also bitterly cold up North, with my hometown experiencing some snow - this i'm very jealous of. One of the above pictures is one my Mum sent me of our beautiful collie Billy sat in wintery prettiness. Amid revision I made it an aim to have breaks and enjoy myself. One of these breaks included a meal out with flatmates and a very delicious sticky toffee pudding. I'm also continuing to explore what the city has to offer breakfast-wise. If you couldn't tell by now it's definitely my favourite meal.