Saturday, 23 January 2016

Winter Skin Saviours

I appear to have taken a little hiatus due to January exams but they're nearly over and I'm getting back into writing posts. I decided it would be a good idea to talk about how I tackle winter skin. Up here in Northern England it is freeeeeeezing at this time of year - we've even experienced snow! Though I do admit i enjoy winter, it definitely takes it's toll on my skin.

Saturday, 2 January 2016


So, 2015 is over and we welcome in 2016. 2015's closing month has been a long and exciting one. From my birthday celebrations to festive togetherness with friends and family this has been a great end to an eventful year.

As always, this month has been one of dressing up and hitting the town. Flats have been my new go-to shoe, especially pointed lace-ups. I lusted after a pair when they first hit the shops a few months back and finally settled on this pair shown above from ASOS. They're my ultimate faves for going out because they are just so darn comfy and easy to wear. This pair are also patent which makes life so easy. I cannot even begin to talk about the spilt drinks and sticky dancefloors that have resulted in the end of the road for many a pair of my shoes. Now I can just wipe these clean and they're like new. Genius! As well as convenience I'm also really into the way these shoes will go with practically everything. I really like the stylish touch they give to whatever I'm wearing and It's safe to say I am obsessed.