Saturday, 23 January 2016

Winter Skin Saviours

I appear to have taken a little hiatus due to January exams but they're nearly over and I'm getting back into writing posts. I decided it would be a good idea to talk about how I tackle winter skin. Up here in Northern England it is freeeeeeezing at this time of year - we've even experienced snow! Though I do admit i enjoy winter, it definitely takes it's toll on my skin.

My skin type is dry and as a result I have very little oil on my skin and often feel the need to compensate. I used to use products in my skincare routine that were just too harsh for my skin and resulted in stripping away what little oil my skin had - not something I needed to do. EMBRACE THE OIL. I seemed to have this idea that stripping my skin back would help my skin, how wrong I was. As I got a bit older I began to make changes in my skincare routine to suit my dry skin type. Now my skincare routine consists of using very little water on my skin (something I find dries out my skin even more). To cleanse I now use the Nivea Cleansing Milk for sensitive skin - a favourite of both me and my Mum. My next step is the Bodyshop Chamomile Cleansing Oil, which let me tell you is so great and gentle. I do this for a second cleanse partly to make sure all make up is removed, partly to pamper myself. I remove this with a damp flannel or muslin cloth run under warm water. I find these steps remove any need for water and avoid from removing any access moisture in my skin, Next I like to tone my skin. Now I have two choices for this. I'll either use the Garnier Micellar Water - which I find is a great step in making sure all the cleansing oil is removed and freshening up my skin. If I want something a little stronger, say my skin isn't looking too sponny or I have a few blemishes i'll use the Clinique Clarifying Lotion in 1. I'm an avid lover of the Clinique Three Step Skincare system and though I tend to use that moreso in the summer months, the clarifying lotion helps my skin throughout the year. It's good at cleaning the skin but isn't too harsh so that it strips away too much.

Next moisturisation. The most important step! I've recently fallen in love with Clarins and their HydraQuench range. It smells amazing, feels amazing and does well a brilliant job. First i apply a couple of pumps of the serum onto my skin, then the HydraQuench moisturiser. This is great at locking in and putting moisture back into my skin. It's also really comforting for those days your skin is super dry. I also like to use the HydraQuench mask about once a week on a Sunday. This is sooooo good and honestly I've had it on my face all day before and it just kept up the mositure levels in my skin a treat. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream has been my saving grace over the last few years. The stuff is great to slap on before bed. I tend to do this when the weather gets colder and just before i feel my skin becoming too dehydrated. A night of this and my skin is comfortable and back to normal, despite the fact it makes you look like a shining beam. It's also great for dry lips and works as a really heavy duty balm. 10/10 would recommend to a friend. Lastly is day creams. I switch between two: the Nivea Light Day Cream and the Boots Simply Sensitive Protecting Day Moisturiser. I have to say, I do prefer the Boots moisturiser. The Nivea one is more mattifying, possibly because it is advertised for normal and combination skin. A while back I had a number of dry patches on my face and my Mum recommended the Nivea moisturiser to me. It did a brilliant job of clearing up the dry skin I just feel like now it's winter my skin needs a bit more of a drink in the morning. I tend to throw the Nivea one in my bag for use after the gym as it isn't as visible on the skin. Lastly I also use the Clarins HydraQuench tinted moisturiser which helps my skin in giving it that extra moisture boost throughout the day.

Finally, the simplest and cheapest way of keeping your skin hydrated - water. Sometimes I forget just how much of our bodies are made up of the stuff. Drinking more water is something i'm trying to do to keep me healthier and more hydrated both inside and out!

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