Sunday, 19 August 2012

Aubin & Wills Autumn 2012 Collection

Welimeadow crew neck

Threddingworth coat
Irby dress

Derrington dress
Tweenham blazer
 Peason blouse paired with the Elston skinny cord jean
Webster desert boots
With the recent release of the Aubin and Wills Autumn 2012 collection we see the quintessentially British brand again impress us with it's sophisticated take on Autumn fashion.

With Sophie Dahl and Andre Van Noord taking their turn to represent the brand, the theme - as seen in the video, seems to be based upon a whimsical-like forest backdrop. The clothes seen in this collection are suited to Autumnal style with the shades being a reflection of colours that could be sighted in a wood during a stereotypical British Autumn (which, let's face it, seems to last most of the year).

I am especially excited about the corduroy collection for this season. I love cords! They are a recurrence for Autumn/Winter style and are a great alternative to leggings or jeans during the colder months.

When i first learnt of Aubin and Wills, the first thing i was drawn to was their blouses. Each season, this brand never fails to impress with their elegant editions. Recently, i've been noticing a lot of Peter Pan-type collars during the past few seasons, which is a great thing for me as it's a style i really like. Feminine, but yet with a slight masculine touch that smartens up any outfit.

Another thing that Aubin and Wills never fail to continually impress with, are the coat and jacket range for each season. Above i have shown two of my favourite items from the current range. The Threddingworth coat is the perfect camel coat and ideal for Autumn. Probably one of my most drawn to items of this range has to be the Tweenham blazer. This i absolutely adore! I am a big lover of tweed blazers and this is probably the best edition of this item i have seen.  On the upper collar of this jacket, there is also some suede detailing. I really like this and i'm a big lover of mixing colours and textures, so this adds something a bit different to the average tweed blazer.

The dresses featured in this collection enhance further the good impression of this seasons collection. The Irby dress is a lovely alternative to the normal LBD and is very sophisticated whilst also being fashionable. The Derrington dress is a lovely day dress that can easily be dressed up and down.

I also featured pictures of a desert boot the brand have released for the season. The Webster dessert boots is ideal for Autumn and being available in two very nice shades, makes it easy to choose the shade to fit you. I am a lover of desert boots and so this edition, again shows me how fitting the brand is towards my personal style.

A classic piece to Aubin and Wills is always the signature fox jumper, avaliable for both men and women. The Welimeadow crow neck is a symbolism of the brand, however in a subtle way. This edition is constantly brought back into the collections and it's something i always find myself drawn to.

This brand being famous for it's good quality, sophisticated style and touches of up-to-date fashion. It never fails to impress me with it's collections and i always seem to find many (if not most things in the collection) that i like and find suited to my style. Though a little pricey, at least you know with this and the good reputation of the brand that the quality will be excellent. With this, all of the clothes are classic pieces that are generally wardrobe essentials on a constant cycle of being brought in and out of fashion, or in an ongoing state of being stylish.

I can safely say that many items from this collection i will have my eye on, and that i will be taking inspiration from the range for my Autumnal outfits.


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